Jovie the Elf Costume for Women – Made to fit your body!

Looking for a sweet costume for a cosplay event, a costume party- or just for this Christmas?
Check out Coserz for these 2 unique Jovie the Elf costumes from the movie ELF:

PINK Jovie the elf costume for women:

Absolutely adorable, this pink Jovie outfit is a great Christmas-vibe-Romance look for this Christmas, or for your next Cosplay/Costumes gathering! It’s super adorable- and really shows off some women curves!

GREEN & RED Jovie the elf costume for ladies:

The actual elf look that Jovie wore on the movie, for Christmas day, or for any costumes event,a great way to match green and red with your natural skin color- in this beautiful Jovie costume for women!

Costumes- tailor made for you!

As mentioned before, all of the costumes on Coserz are custom made to fit your body!
When you order your Jovie the elf costume– just fill out your body measurements- and Cosrez will make you the perfect Elf lady costume- no matter your size or weight, height!

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to apply this discounted shipping rate + added 10% off your order, for orders exceeding $100. 

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