Custom Initials Phone Grip Pop Socket

One of the latest trends these days is the phone grip pop socket! Phone grips are amazingly useful, and they are designed to make sure we reduce pressure from the hand that holds our phone! As technology developed, and people started using cellphones more frequently, a lot of health issues rose, mostly due to us holding a device for long periods of times- in a position that our wrists and fingers were not designed to do.

That’s why popsocket phone grips are more popular than ever these days!

While there are a lot of cute illustrated phone grips out there, what really caught my attention was this cute popsocket from MomentusEventsUK Etsy shop! In this cute growing boutique, you’ll find a special custom made popsocket phone grip – made for your initials!
With a background selection of rose gold, pink, black and leopard print, this 2.5 inch phone grip can be made with any color initials that you like- and it’s super cute!

These initials custom popsockets are printed out, and then covered with a seal, to make sure they last for a very long time!
To make sure that you get exactly what you want, the owner of MomentusEventsUK Etsy shop posted a huge list of fonts for you to choose from- unique letter designs that would really make you feel like this popsocket fits your needs as well as general style:

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