The Oily Amulet – Essential Oil Jewelry

Essential oils can be used for all sorts of things such as Rouh essentials argan oil for your hair however, there is now a new trend for oil-based jewelry.
As much as at may seem weird to people who’ve never seen a piece- essential oil jewelry items are the real deal- adding to your style, feeling of comfort, health and general vibe.

People have been using essential oils for healing and protection since the beginning of time, just like they use amulets, necklaces, pendants, tokens, bracelets and other jewelry pieces to provide them with that same protection and healing ability.

One person- brought it all together! Her name is DeShea.

After learning graphic design and working in the graphics industry, DeShea decided to open a small business on the side, using Etsy, and sell jewelry mixed with essential oils that she had made.

The Etsy store was set on March of 2015- and DeShea hasn’t stopped since!

Now, in her own store, DeShea sells amazing designs packed to perfection- giving her clients the feeling that they have received a gift from an old friend- instead of a delivery from an online store.

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