Inexpensive REAL Jade Bangles & Bracelets

Meet the Jade master- Dragon Jade, owner of Etsy shop DDJade, a shop dedicated to inexpensive Jade Bangles.

Jade stone is considered one of the most powerful healing stones… And that’s because it considers to heal something more important than our body… Our heart! This unique emotional healing stone can be a powerful tool to help eliminate negativity, cause a deeper integration between the body and the mind.

If you’ve grown tire of wearing a little piece of Jade on your neck as a pendant necklace, you’d be happy to see Dragon Jade’s beautiful Jade bangles:

You could also find other stones on DDJade Etsy shop, this time beaded and made to be beautiful and cheerful bracelets, like these:

If you want to know more about DDJade or the beautiful Jade bangles and healing stones bracelets you’ve seen here-

go to DDJade Etsy shop now!

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