Krista’s Sustainable Wooden Sunglasses & Eyewear

If you’re looking for a unique accessory that is both useful and stylish- meet Krista, a wooden wizard from Winnipeg that is making me both happy and proud today!

In the age of endless technology, when we have everything we’ll ever need in our reach- it’s good to find people like Krista, who not only think of profit and style- but also about the planet!
In her Etsy shop, Keepwood Eyewear, Krista is selling beautiful sustainable sunglasses and vision glasses- made from wood!

So not a new brand…

I can’t believe that this store has been around since 2015 and I haven’t noticed it yet! With over 300 sales, Krista’s clients are surely happy (5 star avg. review score) to get their new wooden sustainable accessories… And the story, actually, didn’t start there…

Keepwood Sustainable Eyewear started in 2013 with a desire to offer environmentally conscious products while supporting a very worthwhile cause.

Krista talks about how she started her wooden sunglasses and eyeglasses collection in her Etsy about us section, as well as explains- WHY?

By offering high quality eyewear that is sustainable and natural, we can help replace the burden of waste that cheap plastic eyewear creates. For each pair of our eyewear sold, we fund “Trees for the Future” to plant 10 trees in one of their worldwide projects. Their tree-planting has a direct impact on the earth and the lives of the people who need it most. The Forest Gardens they plant provide families in Africa with sustainable food sources, livestock feed, fuel wood, and up to a 500% increase in their annual income.

If you like this style, and want your sunglasses to make a difference in the world-

visit Krista’s shop on Etsy,

and get your sustainable wooden eyewear today!

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