Custom Metal Photo Print Dry Erase Board – The Perfect Gift For Valentines Day!

Looking for an amazing gift to give the one you love on Valentine’s Day 2019? I have something special for you! A special lovers keepsake- amazing for any couple- bF/gF, husband and wife, and anyone else you love from your family and friends!

This keepsake is a photo of you… But not an ordinary wall art print- but a custom metal photo print dry erase board! Getting these boards in print shops can be quite expensive- as most places offer low quality items and/or only sell in bulks (for events or office gifts)… So if you want to have something truly special, unique, high quality and affordable- go to Anvevo Etsy shop!

The store owner, Joseph, is selling so many beautiful custom made gifts for the people you love- from his home in Georgia, USA!
You can Look through his shop and see the other items available for customization (and not just the awesome metal board with a photo), as well as how to get them customized and detailed description on the process they’re made in!

Visit Anvevo Etsy shop for more!

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