Love is in the Air with NiciLaskin Jewelry Madness Etsy Shop

When people think about Etsy they often imagine a little cute grandma sitting and knitting, selling a piece a week… But that’s not always the case.

Lovers of jewelry and of style all over the world have discovered that some Etsy sellers could make something so simple and so good- that it could actually turn into a full-time business!

With over 43 THOUSAND sales, NiciLaskin Etsy store, owned by RJ and Nici Laskin, is one of the top places online to spoil your love on Valentine’s Day 2018- and their store is on fire!!!

copper-cuff-bracelet-imprinted-with-handmade-native-american-metal-stamps-and-melded-with-rustic-southwestern-flair-4814225 hammered-copper-cuff-bracelet-with-stars-br877-1394020 inspirational-sterling-silver-fearless-cuff-bracelet-solid-925-br219-8079207

Amazing earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces- are only half the business, with RJ and Nici Laskin creating amazing love and Valentine’s day gifts that would fit any soul in our universe!

sterling-cuff-bracelet-with-hand-stamped-quote-br080-2313963 personalized-morse-code-sterling-silver-cuff-bracelet-with-i-love-you-or-own-custom-engraving-in-solid-925-br778-5633196 leather-wrap-bracelet-with-bronze-guitar-on-copper-6743663

As a guitar player my favorite part of their store is their collection of LOVE guitar picks, made from various metals- and include a loving reminder by text or with special hearts carved out… Truly the best Valentine’s Day gift for a music lover!

bronze-guitar-pick-for-valentines-day-with-a-heart-and-message-of-love-gp863-4384188 kiss-me-im-irish-aluminum-guitar-pick-keychain-engraved-with-irish-pride-for-saint-patricks-day-or-to-celebrate-irish-heritage-kc309-7410941 aluminum-guitar-pick-handmade-and-stamped-with-pick-size-doesnt-matter-gp749-2461061

You can joy the fan along with 11K of their followers on Instagram– and get a glimpse to the life of a true Etsy power couple!

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If you’re looking for a gift for Valentine’s Day 2018, or for any occasion, visit RJ and Nici Laskin’s Etsy shop- NiciLaskin! You can also follow them on social media-

like them on Facebook or follow their Twitter account- for more exciting designs and potential sales!

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