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One of my biggest passions is yoga clothes, but not just the leggings and tank tops, but more the meditation clothes, the indie-style fashion, that makes all of us look like creatures from the fairy realm.
One of the place I found that sells unique meditation, yoga and Indie clothes- is Yuga Clothes.

Yuga Clothes is an Etsy store, dedicated to creating high-quality spiritual outfits, great for Yoga, meditation and everyday life! Designed by Yulia, the clothes in this store are simple & comfy and there’s a simple reason behind that.
Yulia, or Yu, as her friends call her, started her yoga fashion brand after working as a yoga teacher- so her clothes were designed with Yoga and a spiritual lifestyle in mind. If you want to become a yoga teacher, find out more about it via this website. It can be a very daunting idea to follow your dream and make your own clothing like, however, if this is something you want to do, or if you’re already making your own clothes you might want to use someone similar to these british label maker, GB Labels to put your woven print on your clothing label.

Yulia talks about her love for fashion design and about how early she discovered that passion:

I made my first skirt when I was 10, and accidentally ripped it on the fence the same day. ? Even when I was a child, I wanted to wear clothes that no one had. I’ve always wanted to wear something that no one else has. I should confess, my favorite Japanese designer, Yohji Yamamoto, DOES offer clothes I want to wear… THAT VERY WAY, when you choose your clothes to shape your mood, depending on whether you want to feel calm or confident, come to a state of clarity, or enjoy freedom… Yes! EXACTLY. Dignity and freedom!

One of the things I love most about Yu’s style is the fact that her clothes make me feel as if wearing them would make me calmer by fault, and maybe… Maybe you can be what you wear, maybe wearing your true style- will simply make you feel better.

I make clothes for free creative people who love life and live it with ease, love nature and therefore themselves. For people who value the quality of life and every moment of it, and not just appreciate it, but enjoy it.

Stay in touch with Yu and her Yuga brand by liking her page on Facebook! you could also Favorite her store on Etsy to make sure you’ll never miss a new design, update or sale!

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