Beautiful Bouquets for Brides, Bridesmaids & Special Events

Flowers are a huge part of our lives- especially when talking about a special event!
People give flowers to congratulate, burlesque dancers use them as accessories to make them look more feminine, while brides (and bridesmaids) use them to symbolize the festivity of a wedding day.

Finding just the right Bouquet for your needs could be a hassle, especially if you’re looking into actual real flowers bouquets that have an “expiration date” for their usage.
If you want a bouquet that will last a lot longer and maintain it’s cheerfulness- Hazel Walshaw has got you covered!

In her store, LoveToMarryBouquets, Hazel sells amazing bouquets and other floral accessories made from realistic silk flowers, fabric flowers, buttons and brooches!

You could find different bouquets designs in Hazel’s store that would fit a bride, bridesmaids, a burlesque dancer or any special event in need of some floral joy!

Visit her store to see more of her amazing silk bouquets!

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