YOU GO GIRL! (feminist products online)


Girl Power for all!

WE, at The Women Team, love everything to do with… Women, girls and the beautiful gender of mankind! We often write about special women in business, women with tech and development ideas, and from time to time we also search for interesting products online to fit our feminist agenda! Today- we found the perfect store for your feminist statement- EmaxTees.

EmaxTees is an Etsy store owned by… A man! And he has the most awesome feminist and girl-power designs for you gals to wear! With over 6000 sales on Etsy, this is one of the most successful stores we’ve seen so far, and when you see the quality of their tshirts and the creativity that’s behind them- you’ll understand why. A variety of prints, fonts and shirt colors available, with snappy sentences and phrases… From “Girl power” with a flower for an I, to a sexy independent “No bra, No panties” shirt. From attitude t’s like “Sassy since birth”, to full on inspirational T’s with the sentence “Raise boys and girls the same way”. But hey, why am I writing what I can actually show you? 🙂

Here are my top 9 favorite Tshirts from this awesome feminist phrases tshirt seller:

Sarcasm is one of my favorite human traits, and this Etsy store makes it so easy to give the man in your life the “perfect” gift:

Although our main focus here is girl power, the reason behind it is simple- we are all equal, we are all awesome! Men, women, white people, black people, natives and immigrants, which is why I loved seeing that this Etsy store also has an available tshirt with the “Black Lives Matter” print.

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