A Fictional Story is Born, Every Time She Paints

I love talking about Etsy stores and creative people from all over the world… However, you don’t always have to go to exotic places in the Far East or Eastern Europe to find amazing and talented people.

Today I found a beautiful artistic soul by the name of Kri Rose. Living in New Jersey, Kri Rose, is one talented lady, with a special gift for the abstract.

In her shop, Fickta, she sells her prints and original paintings to people who enjoy getting lost in a painting.

Some people paint well cause they are trained to and taught how to paint. However, Kri Rose- is not one of them.
Her skill and creativity are 2 things she was born with, and she talked about her unique situation when I contacted her…

My name is Kri Rose and I have Synesthesia. When Picasso said he painted what he thought, I wonder if he was a Synesthete like me. Synesthesia is where one sense impression simulates the other.

For me, it’s music and color, or Chromesthesia, which is how I create abstract paintings for my Etsy shop Fickta, and gallery shows. In my mind, songs have color. Hearing music creates a color-scape in my mind, and inspires me to paint it.

I’ve recently started accepting commissions based off the favorite songs of art lovers who’d like to experience a song that means something to them- in vivid color. I think it allows a deeper window into that song or symphony, almost like a new bond in color.

However, not all of Kri Rose’s painting come from her heightened senses. Not everything she paints comes from music/ She also has a deep love to our very own reflection.

Besides Chromesthesia paintings, I adore the beauty of the human face, the gentle undertones and plane changes that make up and individual’s countinance. I think one could spend a lifetime trying to capture that. Playing music while painting the face is a spiritual experience for me, as is with my abstract landscapes.

I asked Kri Rose about the meaning of the name of her shop…

I call my shop Fickta, Latin for fiction, because once I paint a commission or finish a work, a new story is told.

If you like Kri Rose’s style- you’d be happy to know that she sells a lot more than just prints and paintings. In her Society6 shop, she sells her art- printed on practically everything! Imagine leggings with abstract colors, or backpacks, pillow cases and mugs…

Or, better yet, don’t imaging and just go to her Society6 Artist’s page and see for yourselves!

If you like this style- go on and get social with Kri Rose and her paintings! You can find her and her shop all over social media-

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Go to Fickta Etsy shop to find out more!

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