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If you’re looking for a beautiful wall art print, a botanical plant silhouette to decorate your halls, a clever phrase to inspire you in your study room or office, or even some calming wall art prints for your baby’s nursery- you should check out ArtistiCorner on Etsy.

ArtistiCorner is an Etsy shop owned by a talented artist called Mali.

I was an art addict all my life. (Mali shares in her store’s bio) A few years ago, and after working most of my adult life for others, I decided to quit my job and start doing what I really love; paint. Then, I created the ArtistiCorner.

That is how I stopped surviving and started living.

This is one of the reasons why I love Etsy so much.
It allows people to live their dream! sell and live off of their hobbies, and create the lives they truly wanted. We only get one life, we might as well use them well.

Mali carried on talking about her inspirations and techniques:

I love watercolor and take the freedom of using it. I also love to experiment with colors and try new techniques, new ways of expressing myself. I am inspired by nature in Kefalonia island Greece, where I live.

The people around me and the beauty of colors and words are also giving a lot of inspiration. Many of my creations are inspired by my wonderful customers and their custom requests.

YUP- she also does custom work! Isn’t that amazing?

In the past years, this shop has gained it’s popularity with clients, and some of the people who purchased Mali’s prints have even shared REAL images they themselves took of her work, and what they used it for!

If you like Mali’s style- I recommend following her on social media!
Facebook and Instagram are great ways for you to stay up to date with her latest works and also be the first to hear about any potential sale

she might be having!

Visit ArtistiCorner Etsy shop today for more!

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