Unique Women’s Fashion Made From African Printed Fabrics

One of the things I love most about Etsy, the biggest online marketplace for handmade goods, is the variety of items & styles created by the people owning each shop, and their unique life stories.
Such a shop, that shows within it’s items a unique life story, is Sosome Shop. Sosome Shop on Etsy, owned by Jeni, is a true cultural and life story told using fabrics and fashion. Born in Ghana, Africa, and raised in London, UK, Jeni teamed up with fellow artisans to create a unique collection of fashion items like dresses, rompers, tops, bags, jewelry, and more- combining both styles. It’s as if you saw a UK shop, with it’s British cloth styling- made using African printed fabrics and patterns!

(Looking to see more from these designers? Check out Sosome’s official website and online shop!)

A unique African style clothing line

Dresses & Rompers, made to perfection, with unique and colorful patterned fabrics, that simply scream AFRICA!
These unique fashion items are statement clothing pieces, to wear for special occasions, or on your everyday life. They can be styled alongside modern and minimal jewelry, shoes, and bags, or can be worn using African statement accessories for the full look!

African Accessories

If you opt for the second option, of combining these unique African dresses and rompers with African style statement jewelry and accessories- Sosome Shop has got your covered!

Check out these adorable African statement accessories- the African headband and scarf, a gorgeous African body jewelry or top-topper, and of course- a unique African styled purse!
These special Ghana fashion accessories can also be combined with modern or everyday trending clothes- not just African!

With an in-depth look into the world of the fashion made by Sosome Shop stylists- you can see that this is truly a unique entrepreneurial fashion business, made to bring forth the fabrics and colors of Africa- to the here and now- everywhere in the world!

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