Magical Graphics- from The Netherlands

There’s magic all around you- if you know where to look for it!

I, personally, find magic on Etsy, the online market for handmade goods. This place is simply the best place to find artistic people who crafts, stitch and design- amazing art. One of these people is Esther Drieënhuizen. Living in Hoogezand, The Netherlands, Esther is a mother of 5, and while she is living a full life with her husband and kids- she manages to find time for the ART!

She loves drawing and painting, and her Etsy store takes that to a whole new level as she made the most amazing designs for you to enjoy on your wedding day, birthday, or everyday life!

Some of her graphics are made for you to use for your wedding or birthday invites, as you can instantly download her pre-made designs, and alter the text there to fit your event! Other parts of her work are sent to you in a physical form, like her amazing mugs collection….

To see more of Esther’s designs go to her Etsy store >> ThreeHousesDesign You can also follow her on social media to always stay updated with her latest designs and possible promotions!

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