Uniquely Engineered Moss Plants are Natural Air Fresheners!

We all know that there are things we do daily that hurt the earth, the air, contribute to climate change and generally- make our world less of what it is.
With every little thing we do that hurts the planet- there has been green entrepreneurs to help us, find substitutes, and just make a creative product that will change it all!

Henrik and Hansol from Denmark have found a unique solution that enables you to replace an everyday item that hurts the environment- air fresheners.

Substituting air fresheners was a creative process. The solution that was born from combining their skills and knowledge together is actually a simple one- Moss. Fragrant Moss.

Selling it in their Etsy shop, FragrantMoss, Henrik and Hansol had this to say to me about their products:

Our green moss produce natural fragrances for your well-being. With Fragrant Moss we provide sustainable and environment-friendly fragrances that can be used as air fresheners.
The ability of moss and other house plants to serve as air freshener is well known. Here we have combined with a designed fragrance in a decorative glass.

All our Fragrant Moss glasses are ready to use. Just unpack them and place them on a table, shelf or even piano and enjoy the fragrance as part of your office and home decoration.

WOW!! I mean- Safer for the environment Smells amazing Looks super cute!

What more do you need??

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