Handmade Scrapbooks & Memory Albums


There are different ways to be creative about your memories- and scrapbooking is one of them! People scrapbook albums of special occasions- memory albums, trying to showcase their past in a themed book- like wedding scrapbook, baby scrapbook, etc.

Others use scrapbooking and memory albums on a daily basis, adding a page or a photo every few days/weeks, creating this saga of memories.

However, not all people like the scrapbooking process and prefer to have the end result- a beautiful album or scrapbook- just waiting for their photos!
If you’re one of these people- you’re gonna love SilviCrafts Etsy shop!

Silvi is a crafty lady from Varna, Bulgaria, who believes you should be collecting your best moments- and not random things. Her shop is a dedication to memory and photo preservation, showcasing our beloved people, places and times- in a beautiful handmade bind.

Here are some of my personal favorite handmade treasures from Silvi’s shop:

If you like what you see here go ahead
and visit SilviCrafts Etsy shop for more!

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