Weekly Planners During Quarantine – No task is Too Small

It’s easy to fall into a routine of BLURSDAY during quarantine! Not knowing what day is it today, not working, or even working from home- feeling all the days mash into one big never ending time period.

For that reason, in order to keep some sort of routine, it’s more important than ever to have a good weekly planner!

Weekly Planners with goals !

A lot of people keep a detailed daily planner with daily goals, but in these crazy times it’s ok to keep your goal planning to a minimum! For a lot of us daily-planner-lovers, the daily planning pages have become empty, or filled with endless doodles…. So if that’s the case with you- switch to a weekly planner! A good weekly planner during quarantine would be a minimalistic weekly planner! With slots for the days of the week, as well as a small designated area for your weekly goals!

Write down your activities, when you left the house for groceries, and even the people you spoke with!

Printable weekly planner with watercolors

No access to a shop to get a planner from? No problem!
You’ll find a variety of printable weekly planners on Etsy, to print at home and make some sense out of your weekdays!
You could also check out this watercolor weekly planner printable, made by TheGreetingOwl shop, a partner brand of The Women Team shopping & lifestyle blog!
This simple but eye catching watercolor weekly planner printable, is a great way to capture your week, with soothing watercolor banners in 3 styles:

This special weekly planner printable has 3 color options, and each color option has a weekly planner page that starts with Monday, and a weekly planner that starts with Sunday, to suit any week planning style and schedule! The days are laid out spaciously, with one line in the middle, in a watercolor matching the set, and you get a PDF file of all 6 weekly planners with one download!

You can find this printable weekly planner on Etsy here!

Digital Weekly Planner

If you like to keep your weekly planning on a tablet- no problem! This printable weekly planner kit also comes in a ZIP file with 6 PNG photos inside- to open on your tablet, and plan your week digitally!

If you just have that printable weekly planner on the table next to you- you’ll find, that even during quarantine, you can still have things to write down on your weekly planner! Write down the days you went for a walk or run, the days you worked-out in the house, or even a quote or a movie that made your day!

Print a different color weekly planner every week- for variety!

Find out more about this weekly planner here!

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