Unique Handcrafted Mosaic Jewelry & Home Decor from Portugal


If you’re looking for the most unique online shops – you know you’ll find them on Etsy.

The online marketplace for handmade items is simply the best place to find unique craft works , jewelry and decor that will inspire you and add to your personal style and home. To me- that connection to art and the beauty of simple patterns always existed in Portugal!

Cristina Pereira, a Portuguese artist currently residing in NY, is one of those people… Those unique people who make that one of a kind art that make Etsy- the best place in the world.

With free domestic shipping and a staggering 20% discount (no coupon code needed), this crafty lady is making her art spread- worldwide! You can see, in her personal bio, just how much this shop started from her simply being born in Portugal.

When someone mentions Portugal, a few things come to mind: Port wine, Lisbon, seafood, surfing, Cristiano Ronaldo and … azulejos(tiles)! Even visitors who aren’t familiar with the term may see images of these glazed, ceramic tiles in their mind’s eye. Deeply embedded in Portugal’s history and culture, there are countless wonderful examples of these beautiful tiles. You can’t miss them, wherever you are in Portugal. Tiles travel across all-time styles and languages and fill any pavement or visit with color. That is where my passion for tiles come from!

All my life I created pieces for myself and for friends and family. They kept telling me that I should try to sell my pieces so I decided to do just that and VersaTILEbyCristina was created.

VersaTILEbyCristina, Cristina’s Etsy shop, is truly a wondrous place, with beautiful and unique bookmarks, boxes, pendant necklaces, men’s jewelry, keychains, rings, trays, and so much more! Think of VersaTILEbyCristina as a one stop shop for handmade gifts with a unique Portuguese style!

Get social with Cristina to see more of her works, find out about sales, or simply find your daily inspiration!
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Go to VersaTILEbyCristina Etsy shop today for more!

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