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If you’re looking into having a special piece of jewelry, or giving someone a truly one of a kind gift- you need to check out UniqueRepeatsJewelry Etsy shop.

This unique corner on Etsy is a special boutique for vintage and antique jewelry. This shop has a huge variety, with over 300 items!!

These 300 items are so different from each other… Different time periods and styles, using different metals and precious stones… You got yellow gold earrings that are filled with colors due to their embedded stones: pink sapphire, topaz & a Pearl. You got massive statement 18K rings – a true diamond antique. You got brooches of a serpent snake with a diamond on its head, and that is just the beginning!

When purchasing antiques and vintage jewelry online- you need to know who you’re dealing with!
The prices are obviously higher than getting a simple beaded necklace for $15, but the items are… Luxurious and one of a kind.

Since we are dealing with high end jewelry- it’s good to see all the reviews this shop has gotten, as well as to know that the seller, knowing the price of these items, is offering a great layaway plan for anyone interested in her antique jewelry pieces.

Find out more on UniqueRepeatsJewelry Etsy shop!

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