Recycled Old Records Turn Wall Pop Art

Meet Tice Delsol, an amazing pop artist that finds his canvas anywhere he sees a clear surface.
He specializes in mixed-media art collages, with a touch of pop art!

I have encountered his Etsy store as I was searching for gifts for a friend of mine. She’s 22, loves old records, and old cartoons, and she’s recently got her own place… All that put together led me to Tice, and his Etsy store: DelsolProductions.

I can go on and on about what kind of art you’ll be able to find on Tice’s store, and how much he makes art that can be liked by so many different people, or… I could just show you:

Such a huge variety, so many different artists and characters are here, starring on Tice’s records in their beautiful collages. However, as I am both a sci-fi buff and a great fan of Lana Del Ray, these 2 record collages were defiantly my favourite:

You can see more of Tice’s work on his Instagram page, where he uploads amazing photos, or follow him on Facebook or Youtube– for a lot more videos and information about this artist and his amazing style and crafty hands

A post shared by Tice Delsol (@tjsol22) on Nov 18, 2017 at 9:46pm PST

See more of Tice’s items, and their prices, on his Etsy store!

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