A Small Token Of Appreciation… Wedding & Event Favor Bags

Wedding & Event Favor Bags

Meet Minikin Seed Packets a family business that will make sure that your party guests will go home with event favor bags filled of good!
There’s no denying that planning a wedding, a big anniversary party or a baby shower- can be exhausting. I mean- everything simply has to be perfect!

Studies have shown that people tend to remember the first and last thing they saw or experienced in any situation… That’s why they say that when giving critic you must wrap it around inside 2 compliments!
So, if we look at your wedding / party / baby shower as the conversation at hand- it starts with the invitations and end- with a small token of appreciation!

Minikin Seed Packets Etsy store is the perfect place to find that last thing you want to give your guests before they leave- and the story behind the business is as adorable as their party favors!

A graphic designer (Brooke) and a Marketing Expert (Brian) found themselves falling in love, getting married, and opening this beautiful Etsy store! It’s the perfect Etsy story when 2 people set up a business when they have skills that support each other and make for a good business plan!

Their seed packs are made from eco-paper and you’ll be able to get them with different quotes and your wedding date and names! They designs are amazing- and the price is quite affordable!

When asked about their passion, business and Etsy store, the two replied:

The magic of love inspires us and we love to share in the moments of others in their special occasions.
We design and create beautiful designs for seed packets and tea packets for a variety of uses – especially weddings.

We LOVE designing stunning seed packets to celebrate the magical moment of your wedding. Looking for something in particular? just ask us we’d be happy to create you a special and unique designer seed packet favor!

Our personalized seed packet styles range from whimsical, bohemian, woodland, vintage to classy and elegant! Whatever you are looking for we can design it for you!

Wedding & Event Favor Bags
Wedding & Event Favor Bags

Shipping from Australia to almost any corner of the earth- you too can enjoy the amazing seed and tea packets that Brian and Brooke make… So go to Minikin Seed Packets Etsy store and see more where that came from!

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