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Sell online: Things to sell, 19 online business ideas.

Sell online

Sell online; how to find proper channels? If you decided to make an online store, but you are still thinking about things to sell online that are profitable in 2022, we will guide you through the process to find that business idea you are looking for so much. Learn to identify the best opportunities!

We live when shopping online is increasingly ordinary (and necessary). For example, sales are undoubtedly the booming option if it is about making money from home!

To understand the importance, it is enough to know that —according to the prestigious North American research company eMarketer— 38.4 % of the American population over 14 years of age is a regular online buyers.

In particular, America was among the top 5 countries with the most significant growth potential in electronic commerce in 2021. The podium comprised India, Europe, and America.

Likewise, electronic commerce in the country continued to grow by 68% compared to the previous year, according to the American Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE) in its annual study carried out with Kantar Insights.

What to sell online: 5 options

Let’s start by distinguishing between the different business models in e-commerce. While it is true that there is a great diversity of products and services to sell online, we could divide them into five main categories.


It can be online or offline services, as long as the transaction is made through the internet. This model works mainly for those looking to do business out of their knowledge or skills.

For example, you can sell face-to-face or virtual consultancies of something you have experience with. Or, if you dedicate yourself to taking photos of events, charge in advance through your virtual store.

Digital products

As in the previous category, it is about the knowledge and skills you can sell online. The difference is that they may be products that are not tailored to the customer but rather attractive and helpful to many people.

E-books, songs, photos, and virtual courses are examples of this category.

Physical products

It is, perhaps, the first thing that comes to your mind when you ask yourself, what can I sell online? It refers to all those tangible objects that you, as a seller, send to your customers through some means of shipping or personal delivery.

The examples are endless: you can sell everything from clothing and accessories to products for pets, plants, crafts, stationery, and a long etcetera.


This online business model gives visibility to a specific brand or product for a target audience. They go from traditional advertising, such as banners on a website, to sponsored content, mentions on social networks, and more.


The digital marketing model in which the advertiser pays for the results obtained by an exchange is known as affiliate marketing.

The affiliate earns a commission each time a user performs a specific action, from clicking on a link to downloading a file or making a purchase.

Find the best products to sell online.

Suppose, after seeing all the possible options of things to sell online, you convinced yourself to go ahead and make an online store of physical products. Cool!

Now it is time to select the products that will be part of your catalog. Our first recommendation is to base your decisions on data :

  • Research what your competition offers.
  • Know the products that your potential customers are talking about on social networks.
  • Check the trends in searches.

A simple and free way to identify the popularity of products on the internet is with the help of the Google Trends tool, which allows you to know the potential and volatility of a product.

How to use Google Trends?

For example, suppose you want to start a sporting goods business and are considering some products to integrate into your catalog. In that case, you could short one of them.

All you have to do is type the word “shorts” in Google Trends and focus the search on your market —in this case, America— to find out how much shorts are searched for in different time ranges.

In this case, we chose to see results from the search “shorts” in the last five years. In the graph, we can see that it is a reasonably volatile term.

If you look closely, you’ll notice a pattern to those search spikes: They all happen between December and February, indicating that it’s a standard product to buy during the summer.

That does not mean selling this product in your virtual business is a bad idea. However, you can bet on strategies that range from reducing your stock for the rest of the year, highlighting it on particular dates, or even increasing your marketing efforts for this product during the months of most significant demand.

You can do this same analysis with all the things to sell that you are considering for your virtual store.

Thus, added to the study of your buyer person and your market analysis, you can base your decisions on data and create a strategy for your internet sales.

Best-selling products

If you have an e-commerce, it is vitally important to know the behavior and changes of your target audience. Because what today is sold like hot cakes, no one may be interested next year.

Reviewing the Annual Study of Electronic Commerce in America carried out by Kantar Insights for CACE, we discover which categories American preferred to buy through the internet in 2021.

Next, we share a list of the 5 items that are sold the most online in America, according to the previously mentioned study:

  • Audio equipment, image, consoles, IT, and telephony
  • Food, drinks, and cleaning supplies
  • Household items (furniture, decoration)
  • Tickets and Tourism
  • Appliances (white and brown line)

Things to sell online: 19 ideas for 2022

We base ourselves on current trends in electronic commerce in America and the world to create this list of 19 product ideas to sell online in your virtual store.

Personal care products

Quarantine brought significant growth to this niche. The interest in skin care, hair care, and well-being, in general, has been a constant among consumers, and it does not seem that it will stop anytime soon.

For example, according to CACE data, the consumption of shampoo and conditioners went from occupying the 15th place of the most popular products during the year 2019 to the 7th position.

The best thing about this type of business is that the chances of getting regular customers are much higher. A shampoo, for example, is sold out in one or two months, so if the product you sell is good, buyers will surely return to your store.

Another idea for those who wonder: what can I sell online to earn money ? is to create and produce natural cosmetics. The use of organic products, home production, and the absence of animal testing win the hearts of many people.

Crafts and home decoration items

Another sector that is increasingly trending — especially with the increase in Pinterest users — is home products, crafts, and decoration.

One option to join is to buy exclusive pieces from regional artists and resell them to the rest of the country. In addition to spreading the local culture, you help the economy of the place where you live.

Although, if you like crafts and want to create some pieces as a hobby, you can start selling your skills online!

Embroidered or hand-painted paintings, ceramics, lamps, and clay objects can be options for those who want to earn extra money using their talent.

Tip: start manufacturing and sell to your friends and community members. This way, you will detect the acceptance of the product you want to market.

Clothes and accessories

A niche market that is always on the rise is that of fashion. Whether you choose to buy clothes in bulk to resell or you are in charge of production, there is a good chance that your fashion store will be successful.

Some specific segments in the world of fashion are children’s clothing, beachwear, special events clothing, fitness fashion, plus sizes, personalized t-shirts, and women’s fashion.

It is a very competitive niche, but the good news is that there is still a market to continue innovating.

Office products

One of the pandemic’s consequences is the home office’s normalization. A comfortable workspace in our home has become a requirement for many professionals.

Here there are great opportunities for products that sell fast online, from furniture such as chairs and desks to accessories such as bases and covers for notebooks.

Freelance services

Today, the internet provides opportunities for professionals seeking autonomy and independence. It is possible to offer writing, design, programming, and illustration services without the need to go to an office and the freedom to work your hours.

Some platforms allow you to register as a professional and earn based on the tasks performed, produced, and approved by clients.

You can start small until your name gains credibility. As demand increases, you will increase prices according to your experience.

If you prefer, contact companies that operate in your area and offer them your services. Monthly packages and payments can be a good idea to organize your fee receipts.

High-quality second-hand products

As we just saw, fashion is among the categories preferred by Americans to buy online. A trend that has gained popularity lately is re-eCommerce or second-hand e-commerce, which refers to the online fairs of used products, especially in the clothing segment.

This business represents a solution to a current problem: the ecological impact of the so-called “fast fashion.”

To start with this idea, one option is to gather all the clothes you don’t wear and those of your family and friends. Then, please select the one that is well preserved to sell it online.

Board games

In general, the excess interaction with screens and technology has made users seek to change their habits and return to analog forms of entertainment. That’s why board games are such a hot niche right now.

Bonus Tip: Chess is one of the most sought after, thanks to a popular TV series, “Queen’s Gambit,” that increased sales of this game.

Healthy food

If we talk about good habits, you should know that healthy eating and vegan and vegetarian diets have gained many followers in recent years.

Therefore, creating an e-commerce site to sell healthy food and vegetarian product options can be an excellent investment.

Frozen food

Have you already decided to get extra income but don’t know what to sell to make money with little investment? You can consider the possibility of selling frozen food and homemade foods.

The interest in food has caused many fast food companies to be replaced in search of a healthier diet. So, if you like to cook, learn about the main hygiene guidelines and prepare to put on your apron!

You can sell packages with everyday dishes or explore other possibilities, such as focusing on a specific niche.

For example, baby food with natural ingredients, soups for the cold season, and even low-carb meals. Use your imagination!

Party supplies

Users are looking for decorative items to celebrate with the intention of maintaining the festive atmosphere through Zoom or any other video call platform, as well as in the return of face-to-face meetings.

Party decoration and find all the easy-to-sell online products you can offer your customers in your e-commerce. Join the cheery wave of your users and create a different setting on their special day!

Personalized gifts

Experiences and personalized gifts at home are here to stay! What began as a solution to remote celebrations during quarantine remains in force.

Innovation is a critical value in this type of business. Whether with special packaging, customization options, or original details on your products, these gifts stand out among the most chosen options.

Smart home products

Although smartphones and computer items are among the top 5 popular categories in online sales in America, the consumption of intelligent products goes further, pointing to technologies that, together with artificial intelligence, create a “home.” brilliant.”

According to data from the renowned American agency, the global smart home market is forecast to raise some 53 billion dollars in 2022. The “smart home” is an integrated system that controls lighting, temperature, entertainment, home appliances, and alarms.

Ecological products

More and more consumers are concerned about the impact their purchases have on the planet. Everyday products made with recycled, alternative, or eco-friendly materials are an excellent way to attract these customers.

If you are going to join this market, be consistent with the mission of reducing the carbon footprint and, as far as possible, use environmentally friendly packaging and shipping methods.

Pet Products

According to the Global Market Insights report, the pet care products industry will increase by 5.9% by 2026.

Some of the most sought-after products are food for dogs and cats with high nutritional value, tech collars to monitor the pet’s vital signs, and GPS trackers.

E-books and books

A book is always good company. So how about creating an online bookstore and selling physical and electronic books in your virtual store?

Sporting Goods

Another significant change that the COVID-19 pandemic brought was the practice of sports and exercise at home.

Weights, elastic bands, yoga or pilates mats, and other helpful items to create a home gym have become staples in many homes.

Kitchen items

More and more people are discovering their cooking skills. With this, the search for products of this type, such as knives, boards, pots, pans, and other kitchen accessories, has increased significantly and can consolidate a promising market.

Online courses

The demand for new knowledge is also increasing considerably. For this reason, offering online courses can be a good business opportunity.

Not only professional knowledge enters here, but also hobbies and skills such as cooking, drawing, embroidery, and handicrafts, among other categories.

To do this, choose the topics for each course, plan your classes —audio, video, or text— and don’t forget to make them known on your social networks, newsletter, and all your marketing channels.

Technological products

Today it is almost impossible to live without technology. It is a promising niche for those looking for what to sell to make money online.

You can import, resell or talk to partners and distributors to start your own business. Don’t forget to frequently check import regulations, issuance of invoices, and other necessary legal requirements.

Among the technological items you can offer in your online store are wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, cell phones, tablets, video game accessories, smart watches, notebooks, and televisions.


In this list of 19 things to sell online, you will find that some categories have brands, products, or services with a good reputation. However, this scenario does not have to discourage you.

A recommendation for these cases is to choose a small niche within the segment and focus on its differentiators.

For example, if you are considering selling sports products, specialize in yoga clothing. Or, if your option is cosmetics, invest in products for a specific hair type or even offer only natural products.

In this case, if you create a niche online store, you will likely be able to stand out from the competition since it will be aimed at a segmented audience.

Sell online
Sell online

How to identify the best products to sell online?

  • Research what your competition offers.
  • Know the products or services that your potential customers are talking about on social networks.
  • Use Google Trends or Trend Hunter to learn about user trends and searches.
  • Make a list of the most popular products or services and make your dream of starting a business come true!

Pages to sell things

Now that you know some ideas to sell online, we will discuss three relevant channels to start making online sales.

Sell in your online store.

In a nutshell, it is the digital version of your business. The relevant point is to remember that you will need to generate traffic (visits) in your store.

Marketing strategies are essential for attracting potential customers to enter your e-commerce and make purchases.

E-commerce platforms are a handy tool to create your online store for your business; It does not matter if you are starting, if you have already sold in physical stores or if you already have experience selling in marketplaces or on social networks.

With an e-commerce platform, you will be able to create your page to sell online without the help of a programmer or designer.

Sell in a marketplace.

In marketplaces, the sale is made through a third party (such as OLX or Amazon, for example). In these large “virtual malls” are the brands that want to sell and the customers that want to buy.

In these types of channels, it is essential to note that web traffic “comes by itself” (because people already know those sites and know how to find what they need). But it is much more challenging to differentiate yourself from other vendors and convey your own identity.

It is because the products of all sellers are found in large lists of publications with the same format.

One recommendation is to analyze the type of business you are going to build and the kind of product you decide to sell. Thus, you will be able to evaluate which is the best strategy.

Take into account that today the consumer expects to have consistent contact in all brand channels. For this reason, an Omni channel strategy can be an ideal way to provide an excellent experience to your future customers.

Sell on apps to earn money.

Don’t miss this extra Tip! In addition to creating a virtual store or having a presence in a marketplace, we bring you another idea that can boost your business: use apps to earn money and sell online.

The use of mobile applications transformed electronic commerce in America. More and more brands and entrepreneurs are encouraged to leap. Some apps allow you to sell used books, photos, clothing, and even electronic equipment.

To sell!

Creating an online store is the fastest, safest, and easiest way to expose and spread your products. Regardless of the item you choose, through an e-commerce platform, you will transmit brand credibility, increasing the possibility of getting more customers.

Now that you know how to identify good ideas to inspire you to sell online, it’s time to create your online store!

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