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Gigolo: How to recognize a gigolo?

How to recognize a gigolo

Gigolo; why is it essential to recognize? Who are gigolos, why do they become them, the psychology and signs of such behavior, and how do they get rid of male gigolos? Alphonse is a person who does not want to earn socially beneficial labor in production or other fields of activity. The raison d’être of such people is intimate relationships with single rich women who can provide them with a comfortable life.

The Behavioral Psychology of Gigolos

Frenchman Alphonse Daudet (1840-1897) became famous as a writer. He did not fall in love with girls and “throw” them for money. Alphonse was a man of a noble family, and his name is most common in the country. Therefore, it is unsurprising that Alexandre Dumas named his main character in the novel (Son) Monsieur Alphonse Tay. It is about a rascal who is well settled in life and leads a carefree existence at the expense of girls of “convenient” behavior. Since then, the name Alphonse has become a household name, so they began to call men who did not stop living for their pleasure at the expense of mistresses.

So where do loving farmers come from, pursuing specific goals: to seduce the “beloved,” take possession of his savings, and then find a fistula in the wind field!

The origin of this gigolo behavior should be traced back to childhood. A child’s character is formed mainly in the family. If parents take advantage of their child’s weaknesses, do not force him to give him all kinds of help, they say, “There is enough prosperity in the house, he will still work,” a spoiled child may grow up to be a child, lazy and needy initiative. Thinking of his mother, who always protected him from all the adversities of childhood, an adult fool will look for a mother who resembles him in relation to women. He must successfully hide from everyday problems behind his “mother comfortably.” And if a young man, moreover, a handsome man, the fair sex is melting from him, then why not turn the attention of women close to his person to his advantage? So in childhood, a completely innocent, As the handsome boy ages, he becomes a carnivorous predator – a predator of female sexuality – a gigolo. Such female predators are not uncommon. A special breed of men is trying to organize their lives in relationships with the female sex. The thought, feeling, and desire of such a heartthrob are to find a silly wealthy lady, seduce her and, if the situation is favorable, stay with her for now.

Production work for Gigolos is hard work; they are not capable of it. It is much easier for them to make money with their appearance in intimacy. In addition, it is much safer than engaging in scams, for example, with the state. Here you can get a long time.

“I’ve had enough fools for my life,” says the gigolo. And she goes all out to “twist” a large sum from another lover, Simpleton. And when he gets his way, out of sight, out of mind!

When she realizes that she has been deceived, a woman in love is unlikely to go to the police. Not everyone will publicly bear their soul, saying that he was madly in love and loved the loafer. Many will sigh and feel what happened in their hearts.

Gigolos depend on it and often prove correct, so there is no translation for such a rotten family. Their tribe lives in large numbers and successfully parasitizes women’s feelings in their love.

It is important to know! Alphonse is not born; men become so because of defects in upbringing in childhood.

The primary type of gigolo

Alphonse is a selfish person, not burdened with conscience, building their “career” on love. It is easier to deceive a woman in love than to get money by other criminal means. Depending on the personal qualities and goals achieved, gigolos can be divided into four types. Let’s consider all varieties in more detail.

Alphonse the Sloth

It is an unfortunate person with few needs in life. He lost his job and tried to find it, but it did not take root anywhere. Every day, for example, during physical labor, he is sick. And so I want to live well, go to restaurants, and spend time with beautiful women. They show him signs of attention but absolutely no meaning for them. And the decision is worth finding happiness in a relationship with a woman who will support him. The verdict is psychologically verified because many singles and divorcees want to improve their personal lives. Some have low self-esteem; they are ready to make great sacrifices for love. Well, it does not work, but what a handsome man and how he loves! Some women agree to save him from keeping such a lover with them. And he doesn’t need it anymore. Successfully settled; what else do you want? And for all the conversations about the work of a gigolo-lazy person, he will find an excuse, which, for example, brings health. Better pay him to heal him, and then we’ll see.

And so it can go on indefinitely until the woman cools down from her love and decides to expel her beloved Alphonse.

Alphonse Lovelace

It is a search for bright love expeditions, but women must pay for them, even in cases where the relationship didn’t work out. Vysotsky satirically sang about this: “I called one in a cafe, alas, no novel. He ate and ran, as if to the toilet … “.

The goal of the gigolo-womanizer is not just a simple matter; if possible, live a little with another passion and then disappear from his life forever, borrowing a large sum of money on a reasonable excuse.

A life of such temptation moves from one love affair to the next. Women provide him with money, and he is satisfied with it and sees in it the meaning of his existence.


It is the highest class of such men. They aim to achieve a higher standard of living. Have a big bank account and your own business. A professional gigolo does not hide his goals; a woman knows them well.

It is a bright, handsome man who knows how to present himself in a decent society. Her circle of friends is single successful businesswomen. They are fascinated by her; they hate to keep such a young man at hand to appear with her at parties and other public places.

Alphonse the Pro often has a university degree. He knows foreign languages, understands literature, and always supports an intellectual conversation on any topic. Rich women value gigolo lovers, are ready to spend money on them and often even marry them.

Virtual Gigolo

In the age of the Internet, men have appeared who “hang out” on dating sites, meet many women, describe their merits sweetly, and bombard their chosen ones with poetry, “amazing” cute words.

Such people often send pictures of others, trying to make them look better than they are. And if they send a personal one, then old, on which they look much younger than their age. They seem to be wealthy businessmen, but life has not worked out; they are looking for a close friend.

Nine fellow naive women believe their revelations, inviting them to visit. A virtual gigolo is embodied in a real one and comes to another city for his new passion. The meeting takes place in a confidential, intimate setting with flowers and champagne.

In the morning, the “beloved” wake up, the friend leaves, and the money and some things disappear with him. He had met an internet gang whose dating sites helped them find their victims. There is only one conclusion – women, do not trust your loving Internet acquaintances!

Note to ladies! Sensual love is blind and so evil; you must be able to consider the gigolo-goat on your side!

How to recognize a gigolo man

Men who strive to survive from the fair sex are distinguished by their originality. How gigolos behave in relationships with women, you can write an exciting novel or shoot an equally interesting film.

To live carelessly at the expense of his mistress, a young man without a wave of conscience will bend his soul, shamelessly lie, pretend to be polite and affectionate, and assure his girlfriend of the fidelity and sincerity of his feelings. The sign of a gigolo, by which one can distinguish him from quite respectable men, does not seem difficult to a person who is not unobservant.

These include:

  • Elegant appearance … Not only that but, as a rule, a handsome man has a smooth appearance: he is always well-shaven, smells of expensive cologne, and has a fashionable haircut. He dresses superbly, in a fit, sporty type. Outwardly, he tries to be like a famous Hollywood actor, where women see a sex symbol, the embodiment of all the best male qualities.
  • Polite behavior … he is always helpful, and the smile never leaves his face (at least the first time of acquaintance). If a woman smokes, she always brings a lighter on time. He will be the first to jump out of the taxi and helpfully open the door, always fulfilling any woman’s wishes without fuss. In a word, a woman’s man.
  • Friendship … In communication, he is open but does not like to talk about himself; in this case, he admits to a fog of mystery. He could only say that he had experienced personal drama and had not trusted women for a long time, but this was the first time he had met such a beautiful woman. But he is annoyingly interested in his friend, asking him about his personal life, and work. It should be alarming.
  • He prefers to listen to his interlocutor … in the hope that he will extract from him information of interest. If he realizes he is not financially well off, he tries to sneak away on the pretext that there will be a crucial meeting. And let him pay the price!
  • Lack of money … Let’s say he invited me to a cafe and as if by chance, started a conversation about money. He philosophized that these are not the essence of life. But now he doesn’t have them, and so can he repay? No, next time, he must be solvent!
  • Power to seduce … He is literate, well-read, well versed in all subjects, and able to speak on any topic. Brave, helpful, understands women’s problems and gives good advice. Permanent but restrained, women like such cuties. He walks home and can ask for a cup of coffee there. An innocent woman cannot deny such words…
  • Mercy loves to press … The romance had already begun, and the conversation began that suddenly he had problems at work; he needed money. A friend promises a good place, but you have to wait. In the meantime, you need to dress up to impress your new future boss. Can she lend him? A large amount is called Here; the woman should think in advance.
  • His papers don’t show … For example, a friend asks to show his passport, saying, “We’ve known each other for a long time, but I don’t know who you are.” It is not at all for Alphonse to gloss over his data. He avoids it on any conceivable pretext.
  • It’s not nice to be photographed … The gigolo’s motives are impure; the photo is physical evidence to help find him if something happens. And if the “beloved” posts his picture on the Internet, God forbid, one of the “seduced and abandoned” old mistresses will recognize it. In order not to shine, he began to tell all kinds of fiction; for example, he signed up not to reveal state secrets and did not have to show his photos to anyone for many years.

It is important to know! It does not seem difficult to recognize a gigolo for a woman with sufficient self-esteem and a clear view of relations with the more vigorous sex.

How to recognize a gigolo
How to recognize a gigolo

Why are women victims of gigolo?

She was an intelligent businesswoman, but she was unlucky with men. The experience of communicating with them is excellent but unsuccessful; maybe she was married, but nothing wiser. Such, in the circle of his friends, angrily throws out that “No love, all men are goats!”

However, deep down, he hopes he will still meet his chosen one. He is already on the way; he stopped somewhere on the way. And the heart longs for love because there is in this world! Endless TV series, what emotional men! And I want the same! Spirit wide, open, dear, where are you? I am waiting for you! And now, a miracle, he appeared!

They say that love is evil, and you will love a goat! What does a brave, modest, handsome man look like? Decorated with needles, the smell of French perfume gives roses. And how smart, how beautifully he talks about the stars. Ah, they are so far, and she near, and so passionately embrace. There’s a lot of it, and the kisses are so hot!

And the lonely woman, longing for warmth and affection, thoughtlessly throws herself into the arms of a beautiful seductress…

When the sensual principle prevails in lovers’ relationships, the mind sleeps. A loving woman (often with low self-esteem) turns a blind eye to her man’s shortcomings. He is madly in love with her, and besides being an excellent lover, he believes this is enough to live happily. And if the cute turns out to be a rogue gigolo, the poor thing doesn’t notice it (or doesn’t want to believe it).

The “tender and affectionate beast” takes advantage of his girlfriend’s weakness, vows love to the grave, and completely penetrates the heart’s brain. And when he starts cursing that he has financial problems, she, without hesitation, sincerely believes and takes pity on him, giving him all his savings. And a passionate goodbye kiss that disappears from her life forever. Finita la comedy!

It is important to know! Only blind, sensual women love male gigolos!

How to get rid of an annoying gigolo

All women have heard of male scammers, but many believe they will never fall for them. But they are confused. And while it makes sense, getting rid of the gigolo seems problematic for many. If this has already happened, you urgently need to get out of the hot embrace of the catcher of women’s hearts. And the sooner this happens, the better for the moral and physical health of those lost in a relationship with a gigolo. To leave the gigolo woman, simple but very effective measures will help.

 Let’s talk more about them:

  • Need to know about the loved one’s work … This is the case when the relationship is not yet so close that they already live together. Then there is no point in hiding that he is unemployed. If the meetings are periodic and each moneybag ends with an absolute reduction in bills for women, you should ask her about her profession; why does it not earn her? Better to ask for his boss’s phone number. The advice is simple, but it will be immediately apparent who the young man is. Of course, you can send him away; this is the easiest way, but love is blind. Everything is not so simple.
  • Refusal to pay the bill … At the first meeting, he behaved adequately and delivered at the restaurant. When the relationship became closer, he suddenly appeared to be paying for everything. It is already a reason to sort out the relationship; you should not have any self-deception about your boyfriend. All his reservations are a known lie to him.
  • My boyfriend is good, but here’s the trouble, he is unemployed … In this case, I strongly advise him to find a job. If he pulls with her, denying her any excuse, the ship is going on a long journey. Get him away from your shores as soon as possible.
  • Estimate a cost … Love is excellent, but you should calculate the cost of maintaining your loving macho. The conclusion is straightforward if it’s more than what he spends on you. It’s a gigolo. Throw him in the neck or kick his ass!
  • Family and friends don’t make introductions … I insist that openings happen. If you’re bored, there’s reason to wonder why it behaves the way it does. It is ambiguity in a relationship; nothing good will come of it. With a loving but duplicitous person, you should not continue the relationship. Perhaps, this man wants to live at your expense.
  • He introduces himself as a successful businessman … and when an affair begins, he suddenly begins to complain that the business is not going well, but the difficulties are temporary. His venture required a considerable amount of effort. Never give him money. It is good to say that the financial sector is the most difficult. It will immediately push him away from other relationships and back down.
  • Start a conversation about children … If a man wants to build a strong family, he will agree to have children. It is a reason to be cautious when he is clearly against them. He may rely on a short, fleeting relationship with no room for children.

It is important to know! All advice is good, but the decision is a woman’s. Suppose the sensual beginnings outweigh the logical logic. In that case, you will have to put up with your friend-gigolo and spend money.


A true man knows how to support his family, is a reliable helper, and protects his loved ones. It is the gigolo when he swears his love to the grave and extorts money from him under various pretexts. Nice words and good intimacy should not tarnish a woman’s mind. If he is in the power of his feelings, his wishes and advice on how to recognize a gigolo will not help him. Then you have to accept your inevitable fate and be under the heel of a cute heartthrob.

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