Promote Mental health Awareness with Mind Language

People have grown a long way in their understanding of mental illnesses and syndromes like chronic depression, PTSD, bi-polar disorders, and others. However, we are not “there” yet. While there is a surface-level understanding that mental illness is REAL and requires treatment, there are so many people who are afraid to come out and speak about their mental illness, afraid to be judged, misunderstood, or have people look at them differently. That’s why we have things like awareness weeks or months, to raise awareness to mental illnesses, to suicides, to making sure that no one is left alone in their pain. However, as people with mental illnesses have them all year long- we shouldn’t have to wait for mental awareness week to bring things like this up ! We shouldn’t wait for suicide awareness day to tell the people around us that their lives matter!

For that purpose, we have unique clothing brands who dedicated their collections to creating positive text fashion- to encourage proper mental health, for ourselves- and the people around us.

Such a brand is MindLanguage, a newly opened Etsy shop dedicated to creating quality fashion items- carrying out the messages for awareness for all kinds of mental disorders.

With tshirts, hoodies & sweatshirts, for both men & women, MindLanguage clothing brand comes out with unique designs that say things we all need to hear, like “you should know you matter” or slogans for healthy thinking like “healthy body + healthy mind = healthy human”.

These Beautiful designs are available in so many colors, sizes, and can fit men & women, in winter or summer. So if you care about someone with a mental health condition, or suffer from one yourself (or just want to show your support)-

Visit MindLanguage Etsy shop
and start raising awareness!

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