Hands Down – The Best Cosplay & Unicorn Wigs in the World!

Scrolling down Etsy, I was looking for some awesome Unicorn and Mermaid vibe items, and I found an Etsy seller that made me hate my own hair. I mean, I love my hair, i really do, and i color it so much in unique colors… But seeing the amazing unicorn wigs & pastel color wigs on Yameihairwig Etsy shop- made me want to get… All of them!!
Before I say anything else, seriously… Check these out:

The person behind all of these candy unicorn vibes, is ZHAN ZHI JIE! The very talented woman, opened a business for her amazingly styled and colorful wigs- and the people of Etsy are loving it!

Whether you want these wigs for a cosplay event, or just want to wear a pastel unicorn wig on your day to day- in these amazingly affordable prices- getting that magical high-quality wig- was never so easy!

One of the colors I could never get right on my hair was green… Maybe that’s why seeing these amazing green wigs totally sold me on this Etsy shop! Long or short, curly or straight, vivid colors or pastels, these green wigs are so beautiful I just want to wear them all day long!

Enjoy a variety of high quality rainbow color wigs in so many styles!
Harley Quinn wigs, Candy wigs, Unicorn wigs, Mermaid wigs, and so many other unique pastel color wigs and color combination wigs- all in one place!

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