Unique Antique Jewelry by Collector Michael Hunter

Jewelry these days became a thing of routine- with almost every woman carrying a few pieces of jewelry in her jewelry box or on her.
However, in earlier centuries, jewelry were considered a symbol of class and fortune- and the women wearing them were the richest most beautiful and most successful women- married to kings and warlords.

That old and unique symbol of fortune and stature still lives on these days- in antique and vintage jewelry pieces… and if you’re aiming for antique jewelry- there’s one place you should visit today- HelenasCurio Etsy shop.

Helena’s Curio shop is named after the woman who inspired jewelry collector Michael Hunter to look at jewelry in a different way- his mother.

“My interest in antiques and jewellery began in 2011.” Michael writes in his shop’s bio, “It was my mother who influenced me and helped with my first few buys. She was in the antiques game for over 30 years. I took the shop name Helenas Curio as Helena is her middle name.

After only selling at fairs myself I’ve decided to bring these wonderful and interesting finds into my online shop.”

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