Uniquely Crafted Wooden Wedding Gifts from Malaysia !


There are so many ways to make a wedding day memorable.
On top of the obvious “marrying the love of my life” thing, you are also going to remember the little things… The little crafts and gifts you give each other and your guests. On a special Etsy shop by the name of SoulCraftyGarden you’ll be able to find special wooden wedding gifts for basically anyone!!
The gifts range from wedding ring bearer boxes to save the date magnets, from cufflinks to coasters, from wooden wedding signs and even an SD card holder- shaped to fall in love!

Owned by Fione, SoulCraftyGarden Etsy shop has been around for quite sometime now (since 2012), and after passing the 2000 sales mark and maintaining a 5 star rating- I think it’s safe to say that this is one of the most trustworthy Etsy shops for wedding accessories and personalized items!

If you like this style, want to see more designs, and never-ever miss a sale-
go ahead and follow SoulCraftyGarden on social media:
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Go to SoulCraftyGarden Etsy shop for more!

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