Linen Fairytale Fashion on Etsy

Trends are ever changing, and as we grow up we get to see some of the old trends return to us in new and improved forms- reclaiming their style over our daily fashion choices!
A great place to feel retro in new clothes is linenfairytales.

Linenfairytales is an Etsy shop dedicated to my favorite fashion trend of all times- the simple and classy fairy fashion! Pixie fashion, simple lines of clothing, a loose feeling- and all made with high quality linen!

Although these fashion wearables might be simple to the outside observer- the person wearing them will see all the benefits of having them a major part of their wardrobe- since high quality linen is simply so comfortable, light to wear- and gives your body the chance to showcase beauty within simplicity!

Giving back!

I loved seeing the high quality linen fashion items on linenfairytales, and I was even more impressed to find out the $1 out of any sale in this shop is being donated to purchasing fairytale books to poor kids!

On top of selling high quality linen fairytale style clothing, linenfairytales has also created a lovely line of linen tote bags- and other new products from great linen are always expected!

Go to linenfairytales Etsy shop to learn more!

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