Czech Glass Beads For Jewelry Making & DIY Gifts

My last post was about a sweet little Etsy shop- with beautiful OOAK vintage style earrings, bracelets and necklaces…

Handcrafted Vintage Style Jewelry By Designer Renee Prioleau

However, after writing that post I was amazed to discover that jewelry designer, Renee Prioleau, did more than just made jewelry. Having her hands on some unique and high quality Czech glass beads- Renee has a second Etsy shop, by the name of DCbeadStudio. In this shop she sells those beautiful and unique Czech beads for people who want to make their own jewelry.

Her items are usually purchased in a low number of beads- making it easier to purchase a small amount of glass beads if you have a DIY gift you want to make, or a jewelry project.
However, if you’re a jewelry designer and could need larger quantities of beads- feel free to message Renee in her Etsy shop with your heart’s desire!

Find out more about DCbeadStudio and what kind of
glass beads you could get there- on Etsy!

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