Monseigneur Claude Frollo & Esmeralda Frollo Quasimodo Movie Costumes

One of my favorite movies growing up was Quasimodo. The great tale of Quasimodo was one of my favorite bedtime stories. But as a grown up, you see that Quasimodo’s role in this tale was a bit passive, as the plot itself, the reasons Quasimodo was who he was- were due to his 2 co-characters- Esmeralda Frollo and Monseigneur Claude Frollo.

That’s why I was super pumped finding these two costumes on Coserz- a great place for Halloween and cosplay costumes.

Monseigneur Claude Frollo Halloween costume

The harsh and strict Monseigneur Claude Frollo, was one of the leading characters in the movie Quasimodo, and if you want to get the PERFECT Monseigneur Claude Frollo costume for men– Coserz is the place for that!
This special Monseigneur Claude Frollo costume for men, is a great way to ‘stume-up for Halloween 2020:

Esmeralda Frollo, the beautiful gypsy from the movie Quasimodo, is also available on Coserz, wearing the most beautiful black and purple dress, with a matching gypsy hat.
Going to this Halloween cosplay parties dressed up with this special Esmeralda Frollo costume for women, is a great way to make sure- all eyes are on you!

The Frollo’s- Halloween Couples Costume

Get both Esmeralda Frollo costume for women, and Monseigneur Claude Frollo costume for men, to create the BEST Halloween costume for couples- that will surely win you some Halloween couples contests!

Special Halloween 2020 Sale on Coserz include: Free Shipping by USPS & a Rush order, without paying rush fees.

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And on top of all the above, you’ll also get a special 10% off your entire order (Minimum purchase of $159)

So check out Coserz for your Halloween 2020 costumes, and dress up as:

Esmeralda Frollo &  Monseigneur Claude Frollo!

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