The North Remembers… To Get You The Best Christmas Gift!

If you’re looking for the best Christmas gift for a family member or a loved one- Etsy is probably the best place to go shop for it. The online handmade mall that is Etsy is all about independent artists sharing their creative talent with the world!
People from all over the globe share their wall art, painting skills, stitching and crocheting, and doing everything from small necklaces to huge furniture. Amongst all of these physically crafty people- there are also some amazing graphic designers that provide you with a variety of everyday accessories- with their amazing ideas and graphics.

One of these talented people is the owner of Overstyle Etsy store- a huge Etsy boutique for super cool Tshirts, mugs, towels, hoodies- and more!
You have a huge selection of designs to choose from, and the great scent of Greek style- is this store operates from the beautiful town of Ermoupoli, Greece.

If you’re a Walking Dead & Game of Thrones, or if you simply love witty tshirt prints and designs- this store is the best place for that!

I could just go on talking… But what you really need is some photos!

Being the annoying blogger that I am, and being wrapped in content all day… I could be a bit snappy when people make grammar mistakes around me. Maybe that’s why my favorite item from this Greek store is this perfect mug of the Grammar Police, available in Black and in white!

This selection right here really doesn’t do this store justice! So go ahead, click HERE and see all of these beautiful printed accessories you could be getting for Christmas!

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