Temporary Tattoos and Fake Tattoo Designs

From a cartoon figure to a tribal mark, from a black and white cobra to a colourful fairy, from letters to sentences- tattoos are now everywhere, like a big trend that isn’t stoppable.
Some people get tattoos of the things they love, other imprint signs they believe in… Some of us even get a tattoo after suffering a trauma- or a blissful occasion. However- there are a lot of people who want to get a tattoo but can’t, from medical or religious reasons… For that we have fake tattoos, temporary ,arks that will fade with time from our bodies.

People use fake tattoos for parties, for events, or simply for fun. Getting all the joy from a mark on the body without having to face it forever, and for the best temp-tats, we have an Etsy store!
TemporaryTattoosShop is an Etsy shop run by Keith Hoffart from Kelowna, Canada, and with special designed tattoos, this seller gives you some of the coolest tattoos I have ever seen!

So- let go of fear, pain and the fact that tattoos are forever- visit Keith’s Etsy store and enjoy a temporary fake tattoo today, that will be gone before you know it!

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