Surreal Vinyl Stickers for Your Planner or Scrapbook

One of the things I love about Etsy is that you can find in this huge online marketplace- creative and original items you wouldn’t find anywhere else! I mean, people there are just so creative- especially when it comes to planners and scrapbooking!

While a lot of people go to Etsy for printable planners & scrapbooking papers, I think Etsy is the best place for you to find amazing stickers for these planners and scrapbooks!

Creative Surreal Vinyl Sticker Shop

If you like abstract paintings, surreal designs, and a bit of horror- meet DiwataJewelryCrafts! This unique Etsy stickers shop has some of the most surreal stickers I have ever seen!

High quality vinyl sticker sheets, in a variety of styles, and so much more to come- I just can’t help but love this shop!

The stickers from DiwataJewelryCrafts Etsy sticker shop can be used for so many things!
You can add the most horrifying ones to your planner- when you’ve had a bad day, you can use the crazy people surreal stickers in your scrapbook, when you want to write about something weird that came to mind, and even use these unique stickers on simple card stock- creating one of a kind greeting cards for family and friends!

Support Family Owned Businesses

While most people love Etsy for the enormous amount of handmade items you’ll find there, I personally love how it easily allows everyday people & families to set up an online business that will either get them some side income, or just turn into a full time business!
DiwataJewelryCrafts Etsy shop is a family business owned by 2 twin sisters: Christie and Cristine!

Based in Montreal, Canada, the twins are big fans of everything horror, crafty, and weird. You can count on them to take this newly opened sticker shop into something special, as they are always trying to come up with unique sticker ideas! The name of the shop comes from magic too

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