Wonder Stitcher – Your Go To Scrunchy Shop!

One of my favorite items growing up was the scrunchy! I used to take old shirts, and old pillow casing, a table map, and just make anything into scrunchies.

That’s why I was so happy few years ago when scrunchies got back into style!

But unlike the 80’s & 90’s when velvet scrunchies were “the thing” – the scrunchy trend is all about patterns now!
Floral pattern scrunchies, crunchies with snowman pattern, polka dots scrunchies, and just epic animal pattern scrunchies!

Get your scrunchies from Wonder Stitcher

Unique handmade scrunchies- in high quality, and a variety of colorful and playful designs- all waiting for you in one place! A small Etsy boutique where you could find all the scrunchy designs you see in this post, more scrunchy designs in the shop, as well as other handmade fabric items, like masks, pillows, glass cases and more!

Visit Wonderstitcher today for more!

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