Unique & Sexy Leather Accessories from Romania

There are so many things that people never get to experience in Romania, and so much about the people culture and style that people never get to find out. In my three months in Romania in 2016 I learned that the Romanian people were blessed with a good heart, a good attitude towards strangers- and an amazing sense of style!

Between the main-brands in the mall you’d see little pieces of punk, funk, metal, rock, pop- and so many other amazing styles combined! These pieces would look fantastic on adult actresses when shooting a scene for a website like hd tube movies, do you not think?

When I saw this beautiful piece of leather on Etsy– I knew it must come from a Romanian seller:


And I was right!
This beautiful piece, along with 100+ others, is made by Raluca Vicu, the designer and owner of LeatherBodyHarness Etsy store!
Her store, co-owned by her brother Bogdan, is a little slice of Naughty-Heaven on Etsy! I’d usually have to visit a site like sextoyinsider.com to discover some kinky items but now I have a new site to explore too! These amazing and sexy handmade leather accessories that could either be used behind closed doors for your little private show with your man, or could be warn on top of tight outfits to make the impression of the decade in a raving party! Tubev Sex is the best place for hardcore pornography that I bet would use this in their BDSM videos too.

The two specialize in making and selling leather body harnesses for pleasure, pain or a night out in town (or possibly- all 3!)

leather-harness-with-waist-belt-leather-suspenders-body-harness-chest-harness-black-leather-leather-belt-leather-cage-1469634 gold-leather-harness-with-chains-waist-belt-body-harness-chest-harness-leather-top-leather-belt-leather-cage-body-belt-6246233 gold-leather-braces-gold-leather-harness-leather-suspenders-leather-top-gold-leather-belt-leather-accessories-metallic-leather-5219334 choker-chest-harness-leather-harness-body-harness-leather-belt-leather-accessories-leather-straps-leather-fetish-leather-bra-4377879 leather-bra-harness-black-leather-leather-harness-body-harness-chest-harness-leather-top-leather-belt-leather-accessories-6884136

It doesn’t matter if you’re the shy type, the outgoing, skinny or heavy, every woman wants. deserves and CAN feel sexy as Hell!


So, if you’re sexy vibe is on right now- go and check out the amazing leather designs Raluca has in store for you in her little Etsy boutique-

Leather Body Harness!

chest-harness-leather-harness-body-harness-leather-top-leather-belt-leather-accessories-leather-bondage-7884466 body-harness-with-waist-belt-body-harness-chest-harness-leather-top-leather-belt-leather-accessories-leather-bondage-body-cage-6992100 leather-dress-leather-harness-dress-body-harness-chest-harness-leather-top-leather-belt-leather-accessories-leather-bondage-7780666

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