Warm & Stylish – the Colombian Alpaca Poncho Trend!

I love winter times- mostly due to winter accessories! I love dressing up with scarves and jackets, and ponchos… And I love feeling cozy while wearing a cute unique tribal style outfit. Which is why i love ponchos so much, and wool in particular.

One of the best wool/fur types I like to wear is Alpaca wool (or alpaca fur).

Why Alpaca Fur Ponchos ?

Alpaca Ponchos are lightweight and SUPER cozy. It’s a great poncho to have that will be warming, and still weigh low, which is ideal for me on my everyday life, especially when travelling. Alpaca fur is super soft, but still firm enough for the poncho not to get bad-fuzzy and just drop itself all over the place as you go along, or leave horrible leftovers on the clothes you wear beneath them.

And the most important reason why alpaca wool ponchos are my favorites are that Alpacas are never killed for their fur. They roam freely in their natural habitat or are raised in a humane manner to promote long life spans since they are quite an investment for farmers.

Where to get one of a kind Alpaca wool ponchos?

If you’re interested in getting cozy with your very own Alpaca poncho- you can either try and locating a store around you who sell them, or go on to Etsy- the biggest online marketplace for handmade goods!
On Etsy, which is my personal favorite option for getting unique items, I found a shop called highVIBEnation.

highVIBEnation is a wonderful Etsy boutique where you could find tribal jackets, gorgeous zipped pouches, amazing backpacks, woven tote bags, and of course- alpaca wool ponchos!

Just check out this amazing photo, left as a review for Keli from one of her Etsy shop buyers who just loves her Alpaca wool poncho:

Get your very own Colombian Alpaca Poncho

Keli & her Colombian alpaca ponchos are super cute, super awesome, super cozy- and super limited! As these alpaca fur ponchos not being made in a factory- most of them only exist once! A truly one of a kind Colombina alpaca fur poncho- that will make you feel cozy & one of a kind yourself!

(I mean, isn’t it the best knowing that you have this everyday accessory that’s only yours?)

Go ahead and visit highVIBEnation Etsy shop For more unique Colombian Alpaca fur Ponchos

and other tribal and one of a kind items!

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