Make EPIC Cookies with these unique Cookie Cutters


If you’re looking to seriously upgrade your cookie-game- you need to meet Réka Somorjai. While most us might go to a store, get a cute star shaped cookie cutter, and think “we DE boss!”, Réka decided that since she couldn’t find the cookie cutters she wanted- she’ll make them! It was earlier this year, when Réka was looking to make unique cookies for a friend’s birthday party.

Along with her partner, Endre, the two searched for unique cookie cutters- but didn’t find anything unique enough. So they decided to try and make a cookie cutter using their 3D printer!

The cookie cutter was a success, the cookies were delicious, and Réka posted photos of them to her social profiles- and the comments were amazing !
With so many people asking her where she got that unique cookie cutter, and if there are other cutters she can recommend them- Réka realized these cookie cutters have real potential- thus Biscutie Etsy shop was born!

Unique Eco-Friendly & Personalized cookie cutters

Réka’s unique cookie cutters are not just too adorable to even imagine- they are also eco-friendly! Made using PLA – a biodegradable and nature-friendly material, the cookie cutters you’ll find on Biscutie are more environmental than any of the other plastic cutters out there!
On top of them being super cute and eco-friendly, the cookie cutters you see on Biscutie can also be personalized just for you! There are several listings with name placements inside the cookies, but honestly? If you have a cookie-cutter in mind- simply reach out to Réka from the “contact seller” option on her Etsy shop- and let her know what you want your cookies to look like!

My personal favorite cookie cutters by Réka:

You have so many cookie cutters to choose from on Biscutie Etsy shop, but these uniquely shaped cookie cutters are my personal favorites : (if only I had an oven…)

If you liked what you’ve seen here check out Biscutie Etsy shop for more amazing and eco-friendly cookie cutters!


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