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Following up on some latest trends in the online handmade marketplace Etsy, I found a growing trend of custom home portraits and front door paintings. These unique home portraits are a wonderful gift for basically anyone!

You can have a custom front door painting of the home you grew up in, to celebrate your moving day and cherish where you came from. You can order a special house portrait for your friends- as a housewarming gift, or get a unique home portrait for your husband/wife – celebrating your anniversary, or the joy of purchasing a new home!

Custom made home portraits and front door paintings can be found on so many Etsy shops, made in different painting styles, digital or watercolor, downloadable or a physical copy. In this post you’ll find our top 5 recommendations for unique Etsy artists that will give you the best front door painting or house portraits from your photos!

Beautiful front door illustration by Lucy Gilmore

Starting this post with this gorgeous front door illustration, made to order on HiddenMeowArt Etsy shop. This personalized front door painting is a beautiful gift for your husband or wife, celebrating your first home together!

Custom watercolor home portrait by Miray Sezgen

Found on MonoArtAndDesign Etsy shop, these 2 beautiful watercolor home portraits are made from a simple home photo you send the owner of the shop- Miray. This unique custom home portrait can be personalized even more with a text that consists of your family’s surname, or a sign saying “Our First Home” in a beautiful cursive font.

Custom front door watercolor painting by Mary Claire Scholl

A beautiful home portrait doesn’t have to be of your entire home! A lot of people prefer their house portraits to be of their front door. That magical entry way to their home can be celebrated and used as wall art, using Mary Claire’s unique artist skills- in making a custom front door painting!
Discover more unique paintings and wall art designs on Mary Claire’s shop- 12thAndBlossom.

Custom House portrait painted on ceramic by Roberta

Another unique housewarming gift idea, or gift for newlyweds, can be this special custom home portrait – painted on ceramic! This unique oval house painting from photo is a beautiful way to share in old memories- and create new ones!
Painted by the OH-SO-Talented Roberta, can be found in her Etsy shop- DipintoAdArte

Custom Door steps painting by Melissa May

Another beautiful way to feature your front door- inside your home, or give as a gift for people celebrating a new home! A unique portrait painting of your home, steps, front door- made with a lot of love, and in 3 sizes, found on MelissaMayPrints Etsy shop!

Loved this post ? Got inspired by the unique art in here? Share it with your loved ones, or better yet-

get them a custom painting of their front door or home!

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