Christmas Original Prints from Artist Susan Rios

If there’s one thing that could really make a holiday feel special- it’s holiday art !
I love Christmas art most of all- it is simply so magical!

Christmas has inspired so many artists to pick up a brush (or the mouse pad) and paint snow, angels, Santa, reindeers, and blissful joy!
If you’re looking for a special Christmas art piece- you should check out Susan Rios and her Etsy shop SusanRiosDesigns.

In this shop you’ll find amazing and unique Christmas original paintings- brought to you as prints stretched on canvas, large prints on paper, and even mini prints- that can be used as greeting cards or small photos to be placed on your desk for extra holiday cheer on the workplace or study room.

here are some of my personal favorite creations by Susan Rios:

If you like what you’ve seen here- you really should follow Susan Rios…. On social media of course!!
her Pinterest account is huge success, and her Facebook page will always “inform” you of any new painting she’d paint, or potential sales!
You could also take a visit to her official website- www.susanriosdesigns.com
That’s where you’ll find a different kind of art- with her unique custom pet portraits (a topic I have spoken a lot about in this blog over the past few years!)

Want to see more?
Go to Susan Rios’s Etsy shop
And find your Christmas spirit in her art!

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