Personalized Smoke Effect Name Print – Custom Name Gift

If you’re looking for a unique gift idea, or just a little something to add to your home decor that really reflects who you are- you need to visit Etsy!
Etsy, the largest online marketplace for handmade goods, is the best place to find unique wall art prints- that can be personalized to your name, family name, or any word you like… Along with it being the largest source for personalized name gifts!

Custom name printable wall art

Combining the two, both personalized & printable, I found printsofgigi Etsy shop- as the owner of the shop, Maria, created one of the most unique name printable wall art I have ever seen! Using a special cursive calligraphy with your name/word on it, Maria connects your personalization on to a floral illustration- available in two options.

The first floral illustration Maria made is just the most delicate pink color, fading into a background of pure white. That would be an amazing printable wall art for nurseries, or for any female you want to surprise with a custom name gift.

Sometimes, changing one thing- changes it all!
So, taking that delicate watercolor pink flower over white and passing it through an Xray effect- creates a very visually impressive green smoke effect that comes out of your name- and blends away into the darkness of a black background. (and of course- there are also the above color choices- on top of a black background)

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