Personalised Acrylic Keyrings with Tassels – Initials Keychains

I remember when I was just a kid- keyrings were a big thing! You’ll search forever, in markets and shops, for the cutest keychain ring, and even get several ones if you found cute keyrings you thought your friends or family would like. There were cute and squishy animal keyrings, and keyrings with ocean photos… but every now and again, you’d walk into a gift shop and find a huge wall of keyrings with names on them! Thus began the search of trying to find your name, your aunt’s name, your father’s name… But that’s all in the past!

If you want your name on a keyring these days- all you have to do is ask!

As the world grew, one of the leading websites that changed our lives was Etsy- the online marketplace for handmade items. In it, you’ll find people like Charleigh, who create lovely keyrings with different color tassels, that can be fully personalized with your name or word on them, and your colors of choice!
Your one stop shop for cute and adorable keyrings for anyone you want to gift that treasured 90’s item to!

These beautiful custom name keyrings that Charleigh makes, can be found on Number6Creates Etsy shop! And as they are made to order to fit your needs- if you had an idea for a keyring design that you can find in this shop- just message Charleigh with your idea- and see your custom keyring come to life!

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