Supporting Art From A Young Age

In all of it’s forms- art is important to us as human beings… It allows us to express ourselves, to share our emotions with the rest of the world, it gives us joy and helps us connect to one another… And when we see art impacting kids- we are so proud of the people who make it happen!

We believe that the right education includes art and artistic mindset teachings, and we were super happy to have found Cindi Hardwicke, and her amazing project on RedBubble!

RedBubble is a website that allows people to print their works of art on anything, from framed prints to Tshirts, from mugs to wall tapestries, from notebooks to throw pillow covers…
The website holds a high quality stock of items on which they print the desired print what was ordered- and paying a percentage to the artist in the process.

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Cindi’s project there is amazing! It’s called “Crayons Markers and Paint”
It involves the kids from Londonderry School and it’s a whole lot of fun! Preschool, kindergarten, and elementary age students are creating amazing art pieces to be photographed/scanned and later printed on everyday products! Wanting to keep the school’s spirit alive and continue making amazing art– the students and their parents have given the school (and Cindi) permission to use their art and sell it- to raise more funds for their art classes!

It truly is a blessed quest, and a wonderful way to both- give back to the community, and get something new for you and your family this Christmas/Hanukkah !

Support the kids from Londonderry School today! You can also follow them on social media:

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You can also see the work of Londonderry Art teacher-

Cindi Hardwicke

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