Felt Plush Toys- For Kids & Grownups

The one website that truly changed the way we think about ecommerce was Etsy.
Before Etsy, if you wanted to get high-quality handmade or unique items for you or your kids you’d have had to find a market or a special sale for that. Now- you can enjoy precious items, handmade, from all over the world- with just a click of a mouse! Now that Etsy has become a massive online platform for creatives and artists to sell their work, the rise of Etsy has also given some of these creatives enough brand awareness to start their own business and websites for the sale of the handmade items. If an Etsy creative wanted to try and take the dive into selling for themselves they could look into eCommerce platform reviews similar to this woocommerce vs shopify comparison. If they were to incorporate an eCommerce platform such as those stated prior into their own website, they can start working completely for themselves and see how big they could grow! Some Etsy sellers have already made such a move while also keeping their Etsy shop open to increase exposure and sales!

I fell in love with Etsy- it had so many wonderful stores, with worldwide sellers that do amazing work. One of these sellers was Liusi Osipenkova. All the way from Moldove- Liusi is the owner of an Etsy store called LaLaFeltDesign. In her store you’ll be able to find unique plush toys and felt mobiles. Items for both men, women and children. I had a hard time trying to decide which images I would like to attack here, as her store is absolutely filled with great plush toys, her hand’s work, and they all have great photos. But since I had to pick some (can’t add here all of her items:)), I chose these as my favorite items, the ones that shows how big of a variety you could find in her Etsy store:

As mentioned before- there are a lot more designs that what I chose to show here, so go ahead and visit this unique and cool Etsy store for more!

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