Utah’s Own 11 Year Old Carter Jenson Makes Amazing Magnetic Toys

I’ve written about a lot of Etsy shops over the past few years of running The Women Team shopping magazine… But this shop- managed to surprise me! The 3D printing scene is rapidly growing, and with many Americans owning a 3D printer- several years ago Etsy was flooded with US owned shops selling 3D printed… Anything!

This shop-type became so popular that Youtubers were saying that the market was over-saturated with 3D printer shops, and as the next wave of shops started- with people opening shops to sell 3D printing designs for shops who sell 3D printed toys and trinkets.

3D printed Magnets

3D printed magnets are a huge thing in today’s world- and 99% of the shops who sell them sell unique 3D printed figures- that have magnets on the back so you could print them to your fridge doors.
Searching for some cool 3D printed magnets, I came across a product I “didn’t understand”.

When I saw this magnetic ball on MCGadgets Etsy shop- my first thought was- how is that a magnet? was there a magnet on the back? I mean, most 3D printed magnet balls are “half a ball” shaped to be sticked to your doors, no? So I dug deeper into this 3D magnetic ball and discovered something I did not see coming.

This wasn’t a ball you can magnet to something… This entire ball was made from 3D printed parts- magnet together to create this ball, and that these parts can be magnet together to create more than just a ball:

Educational magnets 3D printed by an 11 year old!

Having been educated in a gifted kids class i was thinking- i would have loved this toys as a child. So, I checked out the rest of the shop- only to find out that it is owned by a child!
11 Carter Jenson from Utah, USA, creates unique magnetic puzzles and what i like to call smart-toys. These educational magnets are truly epic- and looking at Carter I can’t help but be reminded of all the kids from my class, as if he is one of us… But in the age of the internet!

Saving money for college

While most kids his age live life from day to day, Carter opened this Etsy shop with the help of his dad- to save money for college!
While his father taught him how to use the 3D modeling software they are using to create these items, the designs are all Carter’s. His mind- turned into reality in the most brilliant way!

Let’s spin this around…

No, no added spin on this unique Etsy shop and seller, but rather a spinner made by Carter- in the shape of a snowflake! (I think Christmas is getting to someone…) This snowflake fidget spinner is just another piece of a much larger puzzle to be revealed- as Carter is always working on new ideas and new 3D magnet designs!

Favorite his shop to make sure you get notified of new items- as he plans to enlarge his 3D printed magnetic toys collection- monthly!

Go ahead and visit MCGadgets Etsy shop for more unique items made by Carter

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