Awesome and Unique Gift Designs by Melissa Malone

If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone you love, or yourself, there’s no better place to find it than Etsy- the online marketplace for handmade goods. In the past few years Etsy has evolved, from a trinket and crochet market, to a place where all kinds of crafters and talented people can find their unique voice and share their style with the world! Such a person is- Melissa Malone.

A wife, a mother of 4, and an educator, Melissa decided to take her ideas and designs, and print them on gift accessories such as: pillows, mugs, hoodies, tote bags, stickers, and more!

Uniquely designed gifts

Melissa added her unique designs to her Etsy shop TheGiftShoppeMarket, and the variety is so unique- that you’ll easily be able to find a gift for practically anyone! From sweet baby yoda mugs, to funny stickers for your laptop, from teacher hoodies, to women empowerment tote bags!

Check out my personal favorite gifts from Melissa’s shop:

Trusted & Well reviewed

With more than 450 items to choose from, TheGiftShoppeMarket Etsy shop has a great client base, in which over 150 happy buyers left their raging reviews of the items Melissa designed- showing us all that her designs are epicly awesome, and her choice of base-items to print on is brilliant – using only top quality mugs, hoodies, totes, pillows, and stickers to print on!

Follow the design!

As art always evolves- so does Melissa’s shop!
As Melissa keeps up with the latest trends, and creates more and more unique designs- she uploads them to her social media channels! Like & Follow out her Facebook & Instagram accounts to always have access to her latest designs, and be the first to hear of any potential sales!
You could also find Melissa’s unique gifts and designed accessories on her very own website !

Check out Melissa’s Etsy shop TheGiftShoppeMarket
For more unique designs & original gift ideas!

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