Transform Boring Clothes To Amazing With These 10 DIYs

We all have those days where we stare at the closet not knowing what we want to wear… All of the clothing items we have look old to us, boring, like we’ve warn them one too many times. Luckily, it doesn’t have to cost the earth to replace some tired items thanks to fashion discounts online, but if you fancy trying your hand at being eco-friendly, here are some cool and easy DIYs you could follow to create NEW clothes from the OLD:

The crop-knot

Crop a regular shirt and tie a knot to make it cool, funky and NEW

The dotted change

Dot your dark skirts to make them look completely different!

RETRO wear !

old discs around the house? Create a great shirt collar!

The girl next door

Add some lace inside your jeans and make them one of a kind!

Creative and mature

Spray paint your way to a new pair of Jeans!

I think I can fly 🙂

The best t-shirt DIY ever!

The girl next door #2

Decorate your jeans’ back pockets and give them a unique style!

From sloppy to Sexy!

turn that boring skirt to a one of a kind dress

A touch of style

Add a touch of YOU to long jeans

The ultimate change!

Too hot for a t-shirt? Simply cut it- for comfort and sexiness!

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