Swarovski Crystal Settings And Vintage-Inspired Jewels

If you’re looking for truly breathtaking and impression-making pieces of jewelry, the best place to look for those would be Etsy.
Etsy, the worldwide leading online marketplace for handmade goods, is home to some of the most unique and creative jewelry designers. These talented artists make jewelry based on where they’re from, where they live now, and where they traveled throughout their lives… And such a talent- is Maria.

The story behind the jewelry…

At the age of 38 years old, Maria lives with her life partner and their joined daughter, and spends her days crafting unique jewelry items from Swarovski stones and high quality metals.
In her shop, Maria Crystal Designs, you’ll find truly inspiring Swarovski bracelets, necklaces and earrings, that could go hand in hand with your everyday clothing, as well as you fanciest of evening-gowns. (And even a wedding gown!)

As I said before, Etsy’s uniqueness steams from the origins and life stories of the artists who call it home… And Maria, well… Maria had many homes! Born in the USSR (Now Ukraine), Maria moved to Israel at the age of 7. For 20 years Israel was Maria’s home, soaking in the sun and modern style, while still remembering the unique style of the former USSR.

At the age of 27, Maria moved her life yet again, as she traveled to Australia- and fell in love! The freedom, the culture, the people,and the love of her life- led to Maria calling Australia her home.

Swarovski stones for jewellers

Being ever the creative person, Maria’s favorite form of art was jewelry making, and her shop MariaCrystalDesigns, is a proof of her true passion for everything that blings!
Feeling like the world of jewelry making has turned into manufacturing lines, and “robots” instead of jewellers, Maria takes pride in owning a small local jewelry business, and strives to support other individual artists as well.

That’s why, in her shop, you’ll not only find unique Swarovski necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, but also a large variety of Swarovski crystals, in the most common colors, and in the most unique!

If you liked any of the items you’ve seen here check out Maria’s social channels for daily/weekly updates on new items, sales, and new available Swarovski stones:

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Or visit MariaCrystalDesigns Etsy shop for more!

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