Looking for Mom & Baby Outfits? Check out this Canadian Designer

From a stay at home mom- to a business owner- Natasha Black is one canadian designer – you don’t want to miss! As the Covid19 crisis hit us all in different ways, Natasha, a stay at home mom to 3 boys, found herself having to deal with 3 kids at home- and a husband who lost his job. Sounds like the worst thing ever, right? There’s a phrase a like called “sink or swim”. It basically means- that when you fall into deep waters- you have two options! You can swim away to safety, or sink down the ocean.

Natasha, chose swimming, and she did it with style, class, and her very own unique touch from years of being a stay at home mom!

Little Pink Boutique xo – a place for moms & babies

Natasha took her creativity and opened up an Etsy shop– dedicated to moms, babies, and kids- with funny and adorable text shirts, onesies, and even combo sets for you to wear with your child!
In her shop you’ll be able to find announcement onesies, onesies for a little brother or little sister, as well as some cute onesies that can be customized to your needs!

Funny shirts for kids

When you’ve raised 3 boys (and still are..) you know what kind of funny shirts and onesies you’d like to see on your kid! So what Natasha did- is made the shirts she wanted her kids to wear- for other moms as well!

On top of that, she made some amazing shirts for moms to wear-
featuring that #momlife and even cool pregnancy shirts:

Mommy & Me wear

And if you’re still not feeling the over-cuteness here, just check out this mommy&me set available on Natasha’s shop (along with other mommy and me outfits, as well as custom ones you can contact Natasha and ask her to make for you) :

I would love to empower other moms to pursue a career in arts and crafts.

Says Natasha, and she does just that! Having opened her shop earlier this year, she’s already gathered a large amount of sales- and happy customers!

The business is proceeding well, and her husband turned from unemployed- to working with her on this amazing mommy and me fashion business!

As these designs are just a fraction of what Natasha makes
go ahead and visit Little Pink Boutique xo Etsy shop!

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