Bohemian & Tribal Macrame Jewelry from Beautiful Greece

One of the reasons I love Etsy (the online marketplace for handmade goods) so much is because you can easily discover stunning handmade one of a kind jewelry items- for the same price as you can purchase them in stores in the USA- cause they are made in different countries in the world- in which the quality of the materials is higher- but cheaper!

One of my favorite countries to search jewelry shops from is Greece!
the beautiful islands of Greece, the scenery, the culture, and the level of craftsmanship – make Greek jewelry makers some of my favorite in the world!

Macrame MAGIC jewelry from Lipsi, Greece

One shop that has a large collection of macrame necklaces, Bohemian cuff bracelets, ring-bracelets, and gorgeous one of a kind earrings- is MacraRene.
Owned by Irena Baljak, this unique Etsy boutique is your one stop shop for magical mermaid jewelry, fairy jewelry, and overall ZEN items that go along with the chill way of life we all want to have!

Stunning macrame items, made with or without gemstones (great as meditation jewelry), with genuine sea-shells, and with high quality strings.

Life in the small island of Lipsi, Greece

Talking to Irena about her Etsy shop, I can’t help but feel a bit jealous, as if she is living the dream i had as a little girl…. I spent days on the beach, collecting seashells and coming back home to make necklaces from them!
While I was doing it in a less crafty way, and at the age of 7, This is how Irena spend her weeks as a grown jewelry maker!

You will always find me picking up wood, shells and pebbles on the beaches around the island, which I then transform into one of kind macramé pieces. I utilize many other materials such as leather, semi-precious stones, crystals and tribal beads from around the world. My natural surroundings provide most of my inspiration and many of my materials

My work portrays the bohemian and tribal feel. I like to work with many colors and textures. This is my way of weaving together nature and femininity. (Irena, owner of MacraRene)

Bohemian life Earrings to make you shine

While the necklaces and cuff bracelets Irena makes are STUNNING, I fell in love with her earrings!
Bohemian earrings are often very “showy” and very heavy in their looks, making me wonder- what do I have in my closet to fit with them ?

But Irena created a collection of one of a kind macrame earrings that have this pastel shade to them, making them easily combinable with denim jeans, formal shirts, and generally- everything in my closet!
Their earthy colors also make sure they fit well with anyone who has brown/grey shoes!

One of a kind Bohemian Treasures

As most of the items on Irena’s shop are one of a kind, the best way to make sure you don’t miss out on that perfect Bohemian item for you- is to follow her Instagram page! (which you should do regardless, as her page is stunning!)

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