Sequins Face Masks – Bridal Masks Made in the USA

While a lot of people in the world are just now getting acquainted with face masks fashion – for me masks were an everyday item, a fashionable accessory, back when I lived in Bangkok, Thailand.
Walking in the streets everyday- a face mask was a necessity to keep you safe from pollution damages… And the everyday nature of this use led to a lot of shops selling a variety of colorful face masks, unique face masks, and fashionable masks to match what you’re wearing!

Unique face masks made in the USA

Now, with the entire world finding themselves in need of face masks, a lot of people are trying to find unique face masks to wear- as it is slowly becoming a must have accessory.
Unique shops are popping up across the web with different patterns and colors for the face mask, however, some of these shops do more than “just” print a design on the face mask!

Charm, the owner of ShopbyCTF Etsy shop, is creating unique face masks using different materials that are both stylish and eye-catching, resulting in fashionable face masks, or Glamour Masks!
These special glamour face masks combine sequins and glitter, lace and pastel color fabrics, for some interesting face mask collections- for the everyday life of a Fashionista!

Sequins face masks – special offer!

Charm’s unique face masks get cheaper as you purchase more of them!
In her face mask shop you’ll find that all of her fashion face masks can be purchased as 1 unite, 2, 3, or 4- with each quantity option saving you money per mask!

California native residing in Atlanta, GA, Charm works as a Voice Over artist and Audiobook Narrator. She’s an avid traveler, and has a unique corporate background that consists of operations and project management. Since working from home, due to the worldwide Covid19 crisis, Charm focuses more time on being creatively crafty and launched her Etsy store earlier this year.

Her sequins and glamour masks ideas came from a couple who got married- searching for special bride and groom masks, as well as masks for their wedding party. Lace, sequins, glittering fabrics- are Charm’s way of spreading some joy these days, and she does it, oh, so gracefully

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